We all hold both feminine and masculine energies within us. In ancient Vedantic traditions, the feminine is referred to as “Shakti” and the masculine as “Shiva”.


Shakti ~ the feminine, is the body that carries the sensory experience; the material, all that can be perceived and sensed within and without. It is ever changing. All sensations, emotions, thoughts and physical processes exist within this feminine realm.

Shiva ~ the masculine, is consciousness, the timeless emptiness that contrasts and coexists with all that is (the feminine).

How we name it, however, is of little importance.

What matters is the simple understanding of the concept that all that is material is the feminine.

Over millennia, the feminine has been demonised, objectified and repressed. Not just the female form, but in the form of the rainforests being cut down; the oceans being polluted and depleted; animals being tortured and killed for our physical consumption and entertainment.

Perhaps it is our attachment to and need of the material world that has created our deep resentment of it?

We reject our temporal nature in favour of the incorporeal, the eternal, as admired by the world religions. Yet, how is the material less holy than the ethereal when they are intertwined as one? All that is (the feminine), and all that is not (the masculine), in union, sacred as a whole.

This acquired fear and disdain of the material/feminine creates friction and disconnection, leaving us isolated and in an ever-deepening spiral of personal and collective destruction. Instead of living in a creative state, many of us live in an obsessive pursuit of escapism through heartless pleasures.

The question now is how to bring the same degree of reverence to the material/ feminine as we give to the spiritual, immaterial/masculine.

How can we bridge the disconnection between the material and the spiritual, which has been falsely imposed on us all, so that we can once again experience the sacred union of embodied consciousness?

This experience, for which we hunger, has been described time and time again by the mystics from different traditions as “an explosion of joy and grounded ecstasy”.


Redefining “Eroticism”


The root of the word eroticism is in Eros, the God of love.

Eroticism is when we embody this love in our sentient body and we experience the creative source of life, full of pleasure and in connection with the whole. It is an experience that honours the other as a unique expression; as part of the integrated whole of love and freedom that we already are.

Eroticism is a magical portal to our full creative potential.

I see myself as a

“bridge between opposites”,

accompanying others

in their rediscovery of the depth of their being,

so that they can bring

their own unique gifts to this hungry world.

– Elisabeth Serra –

Shiva Shakti

This ancient tantric dance opens a portal for us to RECONNECT again with the depth of our being felt from the body.

Awakening Woman - Greece -

We offer you an unforgettable trip to your wildest dreams; to the woman who lives inside you when no one is looking at you... (only in english)

A journey of self-preparation

Preparing to engage your gift in accompanying other's as they enter intimacy with their own feminine awakening. To do this course: requirement to have completed the "Awakening Woman" journey.

Awakening Woman - Barcelona -

We offer you an unforgettable trip to your wildest dreams; to the woman who lives inside you when no one is looking at you... (only in spanish)

Intimate freedom

Three-level course composed of Romance in the Dark for Reshaping your Relationships, Embodiyng the Love and The Erotyc Relationship

Embodying love, The Power of Intimacy

Virtual group. The essence of this proposal is to embody and be the love that we already are; and open up and heal our relationships.


“…deeply transformative gift to my self!”

I loved that year of the journey, delving into hidden places and retrieving lost jewels I had never realised were part of me. It was challenging, but in the way of helpfully questioning the outmoded parts of my conditioned ways of being. Mostly It was a lot fun, and felt like the most deliciously self indulgent and deeply transformative gift to my self! I finished the year changed and deeply bonded to the other women who I’d shared that time with. It was so rich that it’s medicine has continued to work in me until this day. I am eternally grateful to Elisabeth for her embodied deep feminine wisdom.

E. S.

“I’m deeply grateful for the experience”

The journey is like no other. I came across Elisabeth when I was in my late 20’s and needing direction for another kind of living. Through my immersion on the journey I came home to deeper parts of myself and began to understand the depths of my psyche in ways I never had before. The journey is a unique experience that will change the way you walk in the world and provide you with tools that will last a life time. The feminine never stops spiraling and I’m deeply grateful for the experience of freedom I’ve come to know as a woman as a result of the journey.

K. J.

“I am very grateful for her to offer her wisdom and love”

Working with Elisabeth requires courage and perseverance. The work she offers is deep and transformative and comes with both tears and laughters. It is a process of remembering who we are underneath all our protective layers, returning to our essence and embodying our truth. I am very grateful for her to offer her wisdom and love without restraint and for me to invest in myself and to complete this journey which brought me not only much self-confidence and healing, but also a tribe of sisters for life. If you feel the pull to join her next journey, listen to the calling of your soul who craves for you to live your most expansive and joyful life!

Leticia Casano